Quality Management System of SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"

The ICAO requirements on the application of Quality Management Systems (QMS) according to the international standards (MS) ISO series 9000 in the enterprise on air traffic services are one of the actions directed to ensuring flight safety of aircraft Quality control technologies are very universal, and provide the required and stable quality level of products/services in any type activity.

In September 2015 the fifth version of quality management standard was published. This edition has significantly changed. In the new version of the standard ISO 9001:2015 greatly emphasized that QMS organically fit into the system of management of the enterprise as a whole. The standard also makes a strong focus on risk management. For the SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" as the air navigation services provider in the Kyrgyz Republic it is necessary to manage the flight safety of aircraft operation. The effective security management – it is the effective risk management. The new version of the standard will significantly save efforts under the action of several systems management (flight safety management system, quality management system, etc.) or the introduction of the integrated management system.

The development and introduction of QMS in SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"  were begun in 2011 from the providing of meteorological service for international air navigation. In April, 2014 the company has successfully passed the certification of compliance of QMS to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 (see Certificates). In April 2017, an external re-certification audit confirmed the compliance of the existing management system.

 The certification audit was successfully passed the certification audit of the Quality Management Systems of providing  aeronautical information in June 2017 in according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 (see Certificates).

Among the future plans of the enterprise is the certification of activities for providing  meteorological services to the  international air navigation according to  MS ISO 9001: 2015.