Quality Policy


                                                                                              Director General

  SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"

U.А. Rakhmanov



The Policy of the State Enterprise "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"

in the field of Quality


Mission of the company:

The providing of quality of air navigation services for airspace users of the Kyrgyz Republic (KR) in accordance with all international and national standards and requirements,

Vision of the enterprise:

The strengthening the company's positions in the international market as a supplier of high-quality air navigation services for air traffic.

Key values:

• Safety of flights.

•High professionalism.


The main directions in the field of quality:

- To promote safety, regularity and economy of aircraft operations.

- To provide services and products that meets the requirements of national and international legal and regulatory documents.

- To increase the satisfaction of consumers of services and stakeholders.

- To improve the management system by introducing a quality management system, its compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and improvement.

- To modernize the air navigation equipment, the implementation of new technologies and methods in accordance with the requirements and standards of ICAO and the Kyrgyz Republic.

- To develop mutually beneficial relations with partners, suppliers and consumers.

- To provide opportunities for staff to develop the necessary competence.

- To stimulate staff using various forms of reward and encouragement.

- To expand the network of air routes that ensures effective use of the airspace of the Kyrgyz Republic in a flexible response to the needs of air carriers.

The Leadership of SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" is responsible for realization of this Policy in the field of quality

The First Deputy Director General                                                          К.Sh. Butabaev

Deputy Director General                                                                         М.А. Zhakypbaev

Deputy Director General                                                                         N.Zh. Ermekova