Professional training

The Training Centre under the State Enterprise "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"– Aviation Training Centre of Civil Aviation since December 15, 2003 has carried out the activity in the sphere of Additional education on special aviation disciplines with the purpose of preparing, refresher training, and proficiency maintenance of civil aviation specialists in accordance with International requirements, ICAO and civil aviation regulations of the Kyrgyz Republic.  

Training Centre has appropriate license from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Compliance Certificate issued by the Agency of Civil Aviation of the Kyrgyz Republic.


The important element in the stability of the air navigation system is the professional training of staff. The development of the enterprise depends mainly on the ability of staff to master modern technologies and apply them in practice.


The majority of the specialists of air traffic services is concentrated at Manas airport (about 60%), airport Osh (about 20%), and in ascribed airports the staff is from 4-6 to 10-15 specialists.

The initial training of SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" staff is carried out in profile institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic and CIS countries.

The probation, refresher training, and proficiency maintenance of specialists of enterprise are carried out at the Training Center under SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia".

The Training Centre has the complex stimulators “Navigator-2” and “Expert” with the real schemes of air controller’s working positions.

The personnel of Training Centre consist from 6 teachers and in holding courses the freelance profiled teachers are involved from the leading specialists and command-administrative structure of SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia".

The teaching process is focused for solving of main tasks – the achievement and maintenance of high professional level of aviation specialists in controlling, servicing and providing of air traffic as in Russian and English languages.     

The conditions are created in SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" for the full realization of training plan of staff (freelance) teachers, simulator instructors of the training center, aviation specialists of the enterprise and refresher courses are provided in specialized institutions.

The following specialists are trained in Moscow Institute of Air Navigation:

-  The staff teachers of TC on the program professionally-oriented of English language;

- Freelance teachers on the program "Air Traffic Management ", "Aviation Meteorology", "Radio Technical Flight Providing";

- Supervisors and senior controllers of Bishkek and Osh ATS Centers on the program "Air Traffic Management";

- Controllers’ staff of Main Center ATM KR on the program "Planning and use of airspace";

- The Engineer - Technical staff of Bishkek and Osh Centers of radio technical flight providing on the program "Administration KSA ATC "Alpha" and "Systems and navigation and surveillance facilities and aeronautical telecommunications in civil aviation".

The following specialists are trained in Tashkent, St. Petersburg and CAA KR:

- The aviation specialists on the program “The systems of flight safety management and systems of quality management and ICAO and IATA courses.

- The Engineer-Technical staff of RTFP in implementation of new equipment is trained in Almaty Academy of Civil Aviation and in training centers of firms «NITA» St. Petersburg.

- The test of English language proficiency of aviation specialists according to ICAO scale is assessed in England, Plymouth.

Price list for paid services provided by TC SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"


KGS  Price


Theory study per 1 hour






Testing  per  student



Simulator training per 1 hour


The Price list was approved in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic №02-6/877 dated 04.02.2016 and put into operation by the Order of SE “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia” dated 12.07.2016